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What are you throwing away? Food Waste and Compost

What are you throwing away?  Food Waste and Compost

What are you throwing away? Food Waste and Compost

Many of us have more things to do than we have time to do them.  So, when someone suggests we take time to sort our food waste and compost it, we think… “Who has time for that?”


I have studied Permaculture over the recent years, and I find the design principles to be very thought provoking.  There are 12 principles including, one of which is “Produce No Waste.”permaculture circle graphic


So How and Why?  Well, thirty short years ago we didn’t recycle as much as we do today.  There are so many ways to avoid sending aluminum cans and plastic bottles to the landfill.  If your local waste removal service doesn’t pick up your tote by the road, I’m sure there is a facility nearby you can take these items.  It takes time, infrastructure, innovation, and cultural change.  We have come a long way when it comes to handling metal and plastic.


Now, apply that thought process to a banana peel and an apple core.  What if you could throw those items into a compost bin instead of sending them to a landfill where they produce methane gas.  Well you can, and if you do, you will produce a very valuable product.


You can put food waste in a pile, or container, outside to produce compost.  You could also choose to put food waste in a worm bin inside or outside your home to produce vermicompost (worm castings).  Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell.  Even if you don’t garden, chances are you know someone who does.  You can even sprinkle the compost on your lawn.  You have turned a pollution product into a solution product.


Composting with worms is very easy to do in your home.  There are also countertop waste containers available to help you capture waste in the kitchen until it is convenient to feed your worms.  So simple.  Just a matter of changing habits and culture.


I was recently listening to The Survival Podcast Episode-2808- “Understanding and Using Permaculture Principles” and heard the host Jack Spirko say something simple, yet profound.  He said, “You’re the one that decides what you put at the curb.”  Meaning, you don’t have to follow the paradigm of modern waste management.  Produce no waste and apply the permaculture principles to your daily living.  You can make choices to become an asset to the planet by simply limiting and/or using your waste production.  Making small changes in how we function everyday can have a positive impact.


The co-founder of Permaculture Bill Mollison said…
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