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Worm Castings


Worm Castings

  • All Natural Soil Amendment
  • Promotes Plant Health and Strong Root Growth
  • Increases Yields Up to 50%
  • Increases Disease Resistance
  • Helps Naturally Repel Unwanted Pests
  • Used to make “Worm Tea”




What Are Worm Castings?


Worm Castings is just a fancy name for worm poop!  In fact there are many words to describe worm poop.  Worm Castings, often called “Black Gold”, Vermicompost, or Vermicast.  They are some of the best help you can give your plants.  Vermicompost not only works for your vegetables in the garden, but also in the potted palm tree in your office that reminds you of vacation!


What Do Worm Castings Do?


  • Greatly Increases Your Soils Ability To Retain Water
  • Increases Soil Aeration
  • Reduces Soil Compaction
  • All Natural Fertilizer
  • Improves Soil Health
  • Won’t Burn Plants
  • Makes Micro Nutrients and Micro Organisms Readily Available To Feed Your Plants Directly at the Root System
  • They Have Been Proven To Increase Yields up to 50%
  • They Help Plants Resist Diseases
  • They Naturally Build Plants Defenses To Repel Pests


Now You Know Your Poop!


Worms have been doing worm things forever by silently feeding and nurturing our soil and plants.  Mother Nature ALWAYS knows best!  Ditch the chemicals and go all natural.  Your plants will thank you by delivering more healthy and nutrient dense fruits, veggies and blooms!


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