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Vital Force Roots “N” Shoots & More


  • Vital Force Roots “N” Shoots & More is designed to provide a baseline of the specialized nutrients required by plants during the early growth phase prior to the initiation of flowering.
  • Specially formulated with the right amount of nitrogen and all natural ingredients to drive plant growth during root development
  • Allows grower’s nutrient package to feed more effectively
  •  Improves plant growth by adding the nutrients and micronutrients that are made available to the microbial populations that improve soil fertility and feed the plant
  • Prevents over/underwatering and improves drought tolerance by holding water and releasing it to the plant when needed
  • Contains the ingredients needed to improve temperature tolerance, reduce disease, and reduce plant stress


**1 lb. contains 40 applications**

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What is in it?


Vital Force Roots “N” Shoots & More is a unique customized blend of 12 separate ingredients each designed to provide distinct functions to take any soil and improve it to another level. 


Roots “N” Shoots & More improves and promotes biological activity that optimizes the function and fertility of the soil.  Active soil biology ensures growing plants have the best opportunity for healthy growth and optimal yields. 


This is why we say: “Ours makes theirs better!”


Roots “N” Shoots works best when used in conjunction with our Soil Energizer product.  However, it can also function as an excellent stand-alone natural fertilizer.


Roots “N” Shoots & More formula is similar to our Soil Energizer, but it does not have a microbial component.  Roots “N” Shoots & More is designed to reinforce the action of Soil Energizer.  Roots “N” Shoots provides the same type of complex blend prebiotics that continue feeding the microbial component of the Soil Energizer.  This extends the soil and plant health promoting effects.


How to Use Roots “N” Shoots & More


  • Use during initial planting, this provides what plants require for rapid growth of stems and roots, resulting in bigger, healthier plants.

  • Roots “N” Shoots & More should be applied alongside Soil Energizer at planting/transplanting according to label rates.
  • Repeat applications can be made every two weeks.   Apply a top dressing to reinforce Soil Energizer function up until transitioning to the flowering phase.   (Apply Flowers “N” Fruits & More should be applied via top dressing. Repeat applications every two weeks through harvest.)


***1 lb. contains 40 applications***

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Dimensions8 × 4 × 4 in
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