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Vital Force Flowers “N” Fruits & More


Vital Force Flowers “N” Fruits & More is engineered to enhance nutrient levels that support plant growth and development. 


Flowers “N” Fruits & More  provides a baseline of specialized nutrients required by plants during the transition to the flowering/fruiting stage.


**1 lb. contains 40 applications**


Vital Force Flowers ‘N’ Fruits & More

Flowers ‘N’ Fruits & More is a customized blend of 12 ingredients, each with distinct functions.  It promotes the biological activity of soil to maximize growth potential.


For best results, Flowers ‘N’ Fruits & More should be added when the flowering phase begins.

Functions of Vital Force Ingredients:


The base of Flowers ‘N’ Fruits & More is Ecochar, a revolutionary biochar made from a range of sustainably recycled farm waste materials.  In this product, we use Ecochar made from dried distiller’s grain sourced from a bioethanol plant.


Biochar has long been recognized for providing many important soil properties and functions that are necessary to maintain soil health, fertility and function.  This ensures proper plant growth and performance.


One big advantage of Ecochar over other types of biochars, specifically those made from wood, is its high nutrient content. Wood biochars tend to be very nutrient poor.  If added to soil without prior nutrient loading, they can tie up the existing nutrients and prevent them from being available to plants and other soil biology.  Ecochar comes preloaded with nutrients, minimizing any potential nutrient tie up.


Some recognized benefits of adding Ecochar to soil include:

  • Improves tilth and reduces soil bulk density

  • Increases soil water holding capacity

  • Increases cation exchange capacity (CEC – the ability to hold onto and transfer nutrient cations: ammonium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium)

  • Increases anion exchange capacity (AEC – the ability to hold onto and transfer nutrient anions: nitrate, sulfate, phosphate)

  • Improves fertilizer utilization by reducing leaching from the root zone

  • Retains minerals and nutrients in a plant available form

  • Helps plants resist stressful conditions

  • Supports soil microbial life and biodiversity


Humates are a recognized critical aspect of soil fertility and plant nutrition. Flowers ‘N’ Fruits & More uses a uniquely processed, water-soluble humic acid that is added to the Ecochar, along with a rock mineral product (see Azomite below), to provide an enhanced biochar.


Some recognized benefits that humic substances provide include:

  • Improves soil texture

  • Increases water retention

  • Increases cation exchange capacity

  • Alleviates excess salt buildup

  • Increases nutrient availability and uptake

  • Improves seed germination



In addition to the soluble humate product, we also include Azomite.  Azomite is a well-recognized and widely used rock powder that promotes soil remineralization.   Azomite ensures the Ecochar is charged with essential mineral nutrients (including micronutrients).  These mineral nutrients are vital for soil biology, plant health and function.

Microbial Food Sources (Prebiotic Component)

A major component of Flowers ‘N’ Fruits & More is the addition of a range of sustainably sourced components, commonly referred to as “prebiotics”.  They serve as a source of nutrition for naturally occurring microbes in commercial soils, and for the microbial component of Soil Energizer. Just as in human nutrition, soil health (and by extension plant health) is promoted via a balanced diet.


This is why Flowers ‘N’ Fruits & More has eight distinct “prebiotic” components.  The reason such a varied list of microbial foods is included, is because each prebiotic component has different capabilities.  This ensures that we provide a viable food source for the widest possible range of microbial organisms.


Prebiotics have different breakdown profiles.  Some have a rapid and short-term feeding rate, and others have a slower more long-term feeding rate.  This ensures the longest possible stimulation of the soil’s biological components.

Breakdown profile of Flowers ‘N’ Fruits & More’s Prebiotic Components

1. Blood Meal –                   Rapid

2. Feather Meal –                 Slow – Moderate

3. Soybean Meal –               Moderate

4. Kelp Meal –                     Moderate

5. Alfalfa Meal –                  Slow-Moderate

6. Bat Guano –                     Rapid

7. Worm Castings –              Slow-Moderate

8. Meat and Bone Meal –     Moderate

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