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Urbalive Indoor Worm Farm



  • Great for Indoor Use
  • Modern Style
  • (2) Trays for composting kitchen scraps
  • Easy to use
  • Locking lid to keep worms in bin
  • Easy operation drain valve for collecting “tea”

Supplier: Alfresco Home

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Introducing Urbalive Indoor Worm Farm – The New Modern Style Indoor Worm Farm!


The Urbalive Worm Farm is a sleek, modern, Red Dot Award winning design for the indoor composting of kitchen scraps.  This worm bin becomes a perfect part of the decor for households, offices, and classrooms!  This means no more time consuming trips to the compost pile while working in the kitchen.   


Owning an Urbalive Worm Farm will allow you to be more proactive in reaching your composting goals.  One of the best parts of having an indoor worm farm is that its a great conversation starter for when you have guests!


The Urbalive Worm Farm is not only easy to use, but also odor free! 


This worm composting kit features a locking lid with two trays for the worms to transform your kitchen waste into Black Gold.  There is also a screen and collection bin with an easy turn drainage spigot to collect worm tea directly from the bin.  The bonus is that you can use the castings and tea produced as a soil amendment in your garden, houseplants, or lawn.


The Urbalive Worm Composter can be used outdoors as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight or extreme hot or cold temperatures.  In all seriousness, why would you keep this stylish worm farm outdoors?  It’s just too beautiful!


Watch this Youtube video:  How to set up your Urbalive Worm Farm

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Green, Ivory, Light Anthracite (Gray)

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