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Composting Worm Performance Mix


Composting Worm Performance Mix 

  • Faster Waste Processing
  • Mix of Euros, Reds, Blues
  • Speeds Up Casting Production
  • Great For Home Gardeners
  • Perfect for Worm Bins & CFT’s

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Composting Worm Performance Mix


Is your main goal to compost waste?  Do you want to process your waste quickly and efficiently?  Do you want to make castings for your use in your garden and flower pots?


If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then Composting Worm Performance Mix is for you!  This blend of worms contains Red Wigglers, Indian Blues, and European Night Crawlers!  Talk about efficient performance composting, this mix of worms hits all the sweet spots!


Type of worms included:

  • Red Wigglers are very fast breeders and efficient composters that spend most of their time eating in the top 3″ of bedding .  Reds eat a good balance of browns (carbon) and greens (nitrogen).
  • European Night Crawlers, on the other hand, are three times the size of their close cousins….the Red Wiggler.  ENC’s have a huge appetite and move several inches deeper into the bedding than the red wigglers do.  This allows you to process deeper material all at the same time, instead of just surface material.  Euros have a preference of higher carbon matter (browns).  The Euro is also one of the best bait worms on the market.  So many uses!
  • Indian Blue worms are the secret sauce to this mix.  They are like adding a kick of steroids to your performance composting mix.  The blue worm goes throughout all the bedding at a high pace.  Don’t let its small size fool you!  This worm is a work horse and my personal favorite!  Blues breed the fastest of all, eat tremendous amounts of waste, and live in perfect harmony with both Red Wigglers and European Night Crawlers.  Blues eat both browns and greens but will process the greens (nitrogen) as fast, or faster, than all other worms.  This makes them a high powered work horse in this composting worm performance mix!


Remember, if your goal is to process waste by vermicomposting with worms…..then the Composting Worm Performance Mix is the best way to super charge your worm composting results!

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1/2 LB, 1 LB, 2 LB

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