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Comfrey Root Cuttings – Russian Bocking 14


Russian Bocking 14 Comfrey Root Cuttings

  • Great for Permaculture
  • Hardy Zones 2-9b
  • Sterile and Will Not Spread by Seed
  • Use as High Protein Animal Fodder
  • Make Healing Poultices
  • Use as Chop and Drop Mulch
  • Make Comfrey Tea Fertilizer
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About Russian Bocking-14 Root Cuttings


Russian Bocking 14 Comfrey root cuttings are necessary to cultivate new plants.  The Russian Bocking-14 Comfrey plant is sterile and will not spread by seed.  Bocking 14 comfrey will spread if you disturb the root system by tilling or the like.  Comfrey grows the best in a high nitrogen planting medium and a loamy soil.


The Comfrey root cuttings you will receive will vary in size.  Generally speaking, root cuttings will be 2″-3″” in length and range from the size of a pencil to 1″ in diameter.  Large diameter root cuttings may be cut into halves. 


Plant root cuttings horizontally 1-3″ below the soil.  Water regularly until established.  Generally you will see growth above ground between 2-6 weeks, but this can vary.  Some factors such as temperature, time of year, and soil quality can affect the speed of maturity.


About Russian Bocking -14 Comfrey Plants


The Comfrey plant loosens compacted soil and improves soil nutrient content.  This is why it is a favorite of farmers and gardeners alike. 


Russian Bocking 14 Comfrey has a long tap root that mines nutrients and minerals deep within the soil and brings them to the surface for storage in its leaves.  The nutrient dense leaves are best used as a chop and drop mulch or making a liquid fertilizer known as “Comfrey Tea”.


The Russian Bocking 14 Comfrey makes a beautiful visual display with its grand foliage.   Bocking 14 Comfrey makes an excellent weed barrier along a fence row and will out compete nuisance weeds with its leafy canopy.


During the summer you will find purple flowers that pollinators, such as bees, adore.

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