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Comfrey Root Crown – Russian Bocking 14


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Russian Bocking 14 Comfrey Root Crown


  • Root Crowns Establish Very Quickly and Easily
  • Attracts Pollinators
  • Extremely Hardy 2-9b
  • Loosens Compacted Soil
  • High Protein Animal Feed
  • Use as Chop and Drop Fertilizer or Comfrey Tea
  • Deep Mining Tap Root Brings Minerals to the Surface
  • Make Healing Salves
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Russian Bocking 14 Comfrey root crowns are used to quickly establish new plants.  Comfrey root crowns are generally 2″-4″ in length and range from the size of a pencil to 1″ in diameter.  They should be planted with the growth bud just below the soil.  Comfrey root crowns need to be watered regularly but should rapidly become established.  They do best in a high nitrogen planting medium in a loamy soil.

The Comfrey plant has long been a favorite of farmers and gardeners alike.  Comfrey is used to both loosen and build soil, as well as bring nutrients to the surface.  Comfrey has a long tap root that “mines” nutrients and minerals from deep within the soil to its leaves.  The leaves are full of nutrients and can be used as a chop and drop mulch or to make a liquid fertilizer known as Comfrey Tea.

Comfrey not only makes a beautiful visual display with its purple flowers during the summer months, but is also an excellent weed barrier along a fence row.  It will out compete nuisance weeds with its leafy canopy.

The Russian Bocking-14 Comfrey plant is sterile and will not spread by seed, (it can however, spread if its root system is disturbed by tilling or the like).

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