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Can-O-Worms® Worm Farm



• Patented, award-winning multi-level design
• Made from 100% recycled material
• Easy to assemble and maintain
• Can be used year-round
• Turns food waste into a resource and conserves limited landfill space
• Ensures a constant supply of your very own top quality fertilizer
• Compact design fits any backyard or balcony

Size: 20″ x 20″ x 26″ tall


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Supplier: Tumbleweed

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Tumbleweed’s Can-O-Worms® worm farm is a great way to get kids into recycling in the home.  The Can-O-Worms® can compost up to 7lbs of food scraps per week with its unique flow through ventilation and no mess features.  Roughly 1lb or 1,000 composting worms are all you need to get started.


The Can-O-Worms® worm farm features include a unique stacking design that allows the worms to “eat their way up” to their food, leaving their nutrient dense castings behind. 


An added bonus is the tap on the bottom collector tray.  Valuable “worm tea” works its way down to the collector tray where you can utilize the handy tap to dispense the tea and use it as liquid organic fertilizer for all your plants.


Included Features:

  • Recycles up to 7lbs of organic waste every week
  • Can be used year round
  • Round Fly proof Ventilated lid
  • 2 round large capacity working trays
  • Ventilated collector tray, with worm mound
  • Sump Legs
  • Coir brick
  • Instruction booklet
  • Australian made, Australian designed
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Assembled size 20in x 20in x 26in
  • Capacity: 15 gallons
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