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Payment & Shipping

We offer FREE Shipping on most products.  See product description for details.

Yes. You will be sent a tracking number by email on the same day your product ships

Your tracking number will update within 2hrs after your package has been picked up by the carrier. This usually is late afternoon/early evening.

Hey we are farmers!  We sometimes have dirty hands or our phone is in the truck!  Lol  Seriously though, we know your time is valuable and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please call or email again if we don’t get back with you.  Emails sometimes get caught by spam filters and voicemail messages can sometimes be delayed.  We return all emails and phone calls.

Yes this is best!  The hot sun is almost always the culprit in the death of shipped worms.  We realize it may be difficult for you to be home when they arrive.  If you like, we can arrange to have them held at the Post Office so you can pick them up within 24hrs.

You should contact us right away!  We offer a “Live Guarantee Policy”.  We will make sure you get a replacement shipment as soon as possible.  Remember, your first action should be to contact us…. not social media!

Worms and Worm Castings

This depends on your goals, available habitat conditions, size of bin, and experience level.  Many times it is suggested to start with 1-2lbs so that you can learn to care for them properly.   There are approximately1000 Red Wigglers in 1lb.  Please contact us! We are happy to help you make the best decision based on your unique circumstances.

There are many choices available. Contact us with your goals and we can help you with this decision.

While it is not a requirement, it is recommended.  Worms are light sensitive and are happier in the dark.  A cover will also help to maintain your moisture level, making it easier to maintain your worms habitat.

It is important to start off slow when feeding your new worm bin.  All, or almost all, of the previous food should be gone before adding more food.   As your bin gets more established your worms will process food waste more quickly.  You can then increase volume and/or frequency of feeding.

If you are not using your casting right away, they should be stored in a breathable container.  Place a damp paper towel directly on top of the castings and place the container in a cool, dark space.

No.  A specialty compost bin is not require.  You can use storage totes or any other waterproof container.  Specialty bins do have the advantage of having features that make caring for work worms easier.  For example, the bin may help you harvest castings from the bottom limiting how much you disturb the worms.

Worm castings (a.k.a. worm compost, verimacompost) can be made in as little as 15-21 days under the right conditions.

Worm castings are worm feces.  The castings are full of nutrients and micro organisms that help improve the health of the soil thereby improving plant health.  Worm castings smell like soil.  They are light and fluffy and look like coffee grounds.

You should put them in the bedding you have prepared before arrival.  Click here for instructions on how to prepare bedding.  After placing your worms in their new home, you should place a light above the bin for at least 3 days until they settle in.  Worms get agitated after being shipped and may try to escape.  They are light sensitive so the light will keep them in the bin.  Do not feed the worms until after day 3.  Remember their bedding is also food, so they will be fine.


Comfrey is a prolific grower in zones 3-9.  Check this website to see the zone where you live… https://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb/

The comfrey variety we sell will not spread.  It is the Bocking 14 Cultivar which is sterile. This means it will only grow where you plant root cuttings, root crown, or where transpanted.

Upon receiving your comfrey roots, you should remove from the package and soak in water for an hour before planting.  If not planting right away, the roots should be placed in a bag with moistened paper towels and stored in the refrigerator.

Plant the root cuttings horizontally about 2″-3″ below the soil surface (if hard clay soil only plant about an inch deep).  We like to add worm castings or peat to the planting hole to help retain moisture.  Mulch with 1″-2″ of grass clippings, hardwood leaves (chopped is best to keep them from blowing away) or wood chips.  It helps to put something in the hole to fertilize the root or crown.  Good options are horse manure, rabbit manure, or comfrey leaves from another plant.  Comfrey lots of sun, so do not plant in overly shady areas.  Keep the soil moist and weed free until well established.  It may take a few weeks before you see plant growth above ground, but once it pierces the surface, comfrey grows very fast!

Root crowns are planted the same way except you plant them vertically with the bud just below the surface.

Comfrey to be about 3 feet wide after a couple of years.  You may plant them within 2 feet of each other if you want a dense planting.  You may plant them 3 feet apart for wider spacing.  You may also plant them individually as an ornamental.

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