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Composting Worms & Vermiculture Supplies

Composting Worms & Vermiculture Supplies

Composting Worms & Vermiculture Supplies

Hey there!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out our website cousinscompost.com.  Cousins Compost, LLC offers Composting Worms, Worm Castings, Comfrey Products, Composting Bins and Supplies, and Vermiculture Supplies.


We run an active and expanding worm farm where we raise Red Wigglers and European Night Crawlers, and they produce plenty of worm castings that are ready for use in your garden!  We also grow and sell Russian Bocking 14 Comfrey plants, root cuttings, and root crowns that are the perfect addition for your permaculture projects.


Looking to the journey ahead, we are not only building on our dreams, but also creating a healthier planet.  At Cousins Compost, we believe it all starts with composting and building healthy soil!  Healthy soil is important because it creates an environment that grows healthy plants and nutrient dense food.  This is so important to us as a society and to our health.


This is just the beginning, but every journey starts by taking the first step……..We hope you will you join us!


Alright, back to work……right now, we are busy sifting castings and feeding worms!


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Red Wiggler Worms

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