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With Cousins Compost, You Don't Need to be Wealthy to Have Rich Luxurious Soil!

“We offer products to help people; turn waste into useful material, improve soil, and grow healthier plants.  We love what we do and hope you will too.

Cousins Compost promises to provide great service along with quality products at reasonable prices. We will strive to earn and maintain your trust.  We look forward to years of continued service, whenever you need it. Great relationships are supported on a good foundation! Together our future is bright!”

Best Wishes,
Mark & Jason

WHY Choose Cousins Compost?


We do our best to provide quality, eco friendly products. We do this by providing a great environment for our worms so they perform at their highest level and contribute to our environment. We are conscious to use eco friendly products in our operations whenever practical.


Cousins Compost, LLC strives to bring you excellent products at affordable prices. We work with all the vendors and shipping companies in our supply chain to bring you the best products at the most affordable prices along with the most affordable shipping possible. We offer free shipping on as many items as possible. We want you to succeed in your journey!


Cousins Compost, LLC promises to always operate with integrity. We believe in the Golden Rule of treating others as you would wish to be treated. We strive to develop excellent relationships with our customers, vendors and suppliers. All of our decisions are made by considering these factors: Does it solve a problem? Does it have natural value? Is it eco friendly? Is it best for our customers? Is it good for both your family and ours?


Cousins Compost, LLC is always learning from trial and error experience, our peers, and our customers. We believe every question or suggestion has value, and will always listen to your input. If we don’t know the answer, we will reach out to our vast network and get back to you. We are all in this together. This work is so very humbling and rewarding. We nurture worms to do what worms do so we can have a positive influence on our planet. That is a great feeling. We know you will feel the same!


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